Design professional who is transitioning from fashion to a career in Interior Design.

So that's the opening sentence and reality of my world! I have been a Children's Wear Designer, in NYC, for the past 23 years. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and received a BFA in Fashion Design. It has been rewarding and considering I have worked 4 days a week much of my career, and make a good living, I shouldn't complain. BUT personally it feels like Groundhog Day! I should warn you now I will proof read this but English/ Spelling (thank goodness for spell check) and grammar have never been one of my strong points. 

Going back to my childhood, my mother for the first 12 years of my life was a stay at home super creative mom. She wallpapered, painted, sewed and could make whatever she wanted. My father had an aluminum siding and roofing business. Both my parents came from large families. My mom was the oldest of six children, while my dad was third youngest out of eight. Most of my uncles were in construction from small jobs, to full house remodels and rental properties. As a child I was up on the roof and always around some sort of remodel/ construction job site. If my families houses were being improved my uncles did the work themselves. I loved seeing the mess turn into beautiful spaces.

In High School, I was in the Fashion Design program and we had an annual fashion show, where I made several garments from scratch. I didn't know that Interior Design existed as a career option back then so my creative outlet was fashion. I took classes at F.I.T. on Saturdays and then during the summer for High School students. When I graduated (a year early), I ONLY applied to F.I.T. so THANK GOODNESS I was accepted!! I was married and had a baby from the age of 16 so I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't been accepted. Luckily "it all worked out" and I graduated F.I.T. in 1996. I was only 5 years into my career when I realized  I wasn't going to want to do this the rest of my life. I owed a house by then and loved decorating and remodeling. I also pretty much only watched HGTV which is when I realized, I wanted to be an Interior Designer when I grow up!!

I attended night classes in Interior Design and in 2004 I received my degree. Around the same time we took on a huge remodeling project of our home. We added an entire second floor and extended the house out 10 feet. With the help of my step father and brother-in-law, I designed the entire remodel, which was given to the architect to draw up for the permits. My uncle was the contractor that did the remodel so I had hands on experience though out the entire process. Every morning at 7am we went over the plan for the day. The house went from a 1975 sq ft ranch to a 3800 sq ft 2 story home (including the basement). With my degree out of the way and the distractions of the house, I faux finished, applied venetian plaster, painted and designed my house. I LOVED every minute of it. Life happened, my son attended college and a career change was just not an option. So I continued on as the not so glamorous "Fashion Designer".

Fast forward to today.... Finally after dabbling here and there over the years in Interior Design projects, I am in a position to make a career change! I am super excited for what the future will bring. I hope you will follow me in my journey as I transition from Fashion Designer to Interior Designer : ))) I hope to aspire everyone to follow their dreams because I truly believe that if you put your mind to something and work hard ANYTHING is possible!!!


Nicole de la Cruz

(my alter ego since my husband spells it Dela Cruz but I told him de la Cruz is more glamorous lol a la Oscar de la Renta ; ))

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Same Sofa~Two looks! Are you Contemporary Glam or Cali Eclectic?

Have you ever been nervous to commit to a look because you are scared of getting tired the style you chose? I can totally relate! For a while, I was into a bit of a Spanish Electic style but I’m since very over that. These days there are four styles I gravitate towards as my “Go To’s”. Two of those are featured in this post today which are Contemporary Glam and California Eclectic. One of the biggest choices and financial investments you will make when redesigning your Living Room is your sofa. Here we show you that if you go neutral on your sofa you can achieve two totally different vibes by changing the supporting pieces. This will give you the confidence to commit to your sofa knowing you can always change the look later!

This Sunpan Sofa in a neutral gray is the investment piece we have chosen as out staple for both concepts.

Without further ado here are the two concept boards:


Contemporary Glam


California Eclectic

Now lets break out the different looks!

First we will discuss the pieces shown in the Contemporary Glam Style Concept Board.

Two elements you will see repeated in many Contemporary Glam rooms is gold and marble. The Contemporary starburst 12-light fixed chandelier in Antique brass finish is from Arteriors whose products we love! Also shown above is the Marble top with gold base coffee table. This layered look is very much trending right now and a great way to update your space and add interest.


A popular color at this past Spring market was green as shown above. This chair in velvet with the channel back details and gold touches really speaks to the Contemporary Glam trend. As does the gold geometric side table we chose.

One way to carry the eye throughout a space is to repeat elements within the design. Here we repeated the green velvet in the pillow which would look great on the sofa. The cream linen pillow with distressed gold foil adds to the Contemporary Glam vibe as does the fur lumbar pillow.

Next up the California Elcletic Style option.

Shown above this Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Lamp, 3-Arms Large Chandeliers with Adjustable Lamp Head on Black is perfect for the California Eclectic style .


As is this Minimalist Large Round Light Wood Coffee Table in Modern Geometric Block.

Another detail in this style is mixing in classic modern pieces like this Sunpan curved metal frame, tufted back chair in leather. There are vegan options available in this style as well so do contact us for that product info. The side table is Hand Crafted using Natural Teakwood with a metal base bringing in the natural element of this style.

The pillows are a mix of patterns and textures with a boho feel a detail seen throughout this style. The first pillow is creme and navy with raised, tufted dots in a printed geometric pattern for a three-dimensional look and texture. Next is the bohemian stripe pillow which helps to pull the color scheme of smoky greys layered over soft aqua yarns to form the stripes on the front of this pillow. Slubs in the fabric provide texture while the back is solid linen. Lastly, the Traditional French Laundry style pillow is refined yet relaxed in grey and ivory. Lines, geometrics, embroideries, pattern mixing, and textures are super important in this design style.

Clearly, we left out the artwork, rug, accessories, and other pieces to complete your room but for this post, we wanted to demonstrate the ability to achieve two totally different looks just from the supporting pieces chosen to compliment your sofa choice. That said PLEASE DO reach out HERE if you need help and have no time to bring your design vision to life. It is our mission is to change the lives of busy creative professionals through design so they come home to a SANCTUARY that makes them feel INSPIRED and REENERGIZED after a stressful day at work. A HAPPY PLACE that RECHARGES them so they can take on whatever challenges come their way tomorrow.

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Have an Inspired evening everyone!