Our mission is to design inspired spaces tailored to the individual dreams, desires and lifestyles of our clients. We do this by collaborating with only the best talent, clients, craftsmen and trade professionals. We continue to adopt industry standards in our practice and look to art and fashion for inspiration.
— IQ Design

We have four phases to guide you through the Interior Design process. Each phase is a-la-carte starting with the Project Kickoff phase. It is up to you and you confidence level to decide which phase(s) you need. In total there are fifteen individual steps, and at least a hundred internal steps your designer will check off specifically for your project. Why are there so many steps? We love working with our clients and know they are super busy with their own lives running companies, launching projects, and caring for family. We believe your home should make you feel refreshed and inspired after a long stressful day. With a full service commitment we are taking the many decisions, endless checklists, and things to track off your plate. It is important to remember humans are involved in the process and there may be hiccups along the way. BUT with a sense of humor and strong problem solving skills on our end we promise your project will inspire you, your friends and family at completion!

Creatives LOVE visuals!


If you prefer to read about our Process here are more details.


Step 1A: Questionnaire & Phone Call

• All services, whether DIY (we provide ideas for you to carry out on your own timeline), or full service design (a turn-key process), begin with an Initial Consultation. This process includes an extensive client questionnaire which will help us assess your project's scope, budget, design style, lifestyle needs, and time frame for the project. 

• We follow up the questionnaire with a brief phone call to dig deeper into the questionnaire and ask follow-up questions.

• Once the initial consultation payment is received, we'll schedule your two-hour initial consultation on our calendar.

Step 1B: Two-Hour Initial Consultation & Intake

• During the initial consultation meeting, we review the design process and scope of your project so that everyone’s expectations are on the same page. Your project may range from a simple window treatment to a more complex remodel and room design. We understand that renovations can seem difficult or even emotional at times, especially when budgets and timelines are strained. We strive to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with you. We strive to make the process stress-free, keeping you informed and your goals in mind at all times.

• This is a WORKING session where we provide you with design advice and recommendations. Since we have already gathered information about your project, we are able to deliver tremendous amount of value during this first meeting.

• You'll be provided with your own project-specific client portal where you can add current photos of your home, as well as three of your favorite inspiration pictures. You may also provide a link to a Pinterest board with your three favorite inspiration images. This is optional, but the more information you provide ahead of time, the more productive your initial consultation will be. 


Step 2: Signing of letter of agreement/ contract, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

• The two-hour consultation will end with the signing of the letter of agreement. This will also be available to you on the project portal site to review prior to the meeting. 

• We will also collect the retainer to start work on your project at this time.

• As we work together on your design project, we will will use our online studio portal that keeps your decisions, products, drawings, and documents completely organized. We move outside your cluttered email inbox into our messaging function, make payments to invoices, and track the status of each product selected. Our online studio is unlike any other interior design firms because it is user-friendly and completely centralized.

Step 3: Trade Day

• We will return to take on-site measurements which will be used to create detailed layouts to determine the appropriate size and placement of furniture in your space.

• Before photos of all rooms in the scope of work.

• Final criteria meeting

Preliminary estimate of project investment so we are on the same page and expectations are established.

Step 4: Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings

• This process can last several weeks depending on the scope of you project.

Step 5: Presentation of estimates and furnishing/ materials; collection of deposit

• This is when the fun really starts!

• We will present to you a full design presentation, complete with a digital presentation (ideal floor plan/ elevations) and samples to touch and feel. This process involves traveling to local vendors, gathering samples, and researching products online. We have an extensive network of furniture, custom drapery, lighting, artwork, and accessory sources who work only with the design industry. 

• The color scheme, “look and feel” of the design, furniture and fabrics will be presented at this meeting.

• Quotes from our trusted tradespeople with presented as well.

• We will ask for feedback at the conclusion of the presentation and discuss alternate options if necessary.

• The presentation step surprises and inspires our clients when they see the vision of how their space will be transformed.

• If you wish to stop here and you feel confident to order, track and install on your own we will provide a source list so you can do so. We would love to see all projects thru to completion but understand this may not be feasible for all. That said we are happy to provide you with a “Look and Feel” and design plan you can implement at your own leisure.

• If you are ready to continue we will ask you to sign off and approve all components of your project via your project portal.

• We will collect a deposit at this time to proceed.


Step 6: Placement of orders and delivery lead time assessment

• Ordering involves a large network of trusted reliable trade professionals to create a curated original design unique to you.

• We will invoice you for all products. After payment is received, we'll order all products, track the progress, and determine delivery dates for custom items.

• If any items are backordered or discontinued, we will work to find new replacement items or adjust the timeline accordingly.

• Furniture will be delivered to our receiving warehouse over the coming months if you have selected the turnkey service.

• Product procurement and tracking can take weeks to months to complete, depending on lead times for custom upholstery and furniture.

• You will receive weekly updates from us, so you will always know the state of your project.

Step 7: Budget Review

• We will discuss remaining design fees and a final styling budget at this time.

• Additional administration fees during this period may be billed at a lower rate if managed by an intermediate team member.

• Receipt of any final balances two weeks before installation is required to ensure the project is completed as scheduled.

Step 8: Installation of construction and renovation

• You'll also receive estimates from all tradesmen involved in the project.

• IQ Design is not a general contracting firm so you will be required to hire and coordinate with all tradesman directly.

• We meet with the Contractor in a Pre-Construction Conference answer questions and complete a final walk-thru with you before work begins. All other site meetings are a-la-carte upon request and are billed at our hourly rate.

Step 9: Installation period continues and receipt of orders

• Our receivership warehouse receives all products, inspects them for damage, and stores them for future installation.

• Any damaged orders are reported to IQ Design.

• In the event of damages, we submit claims for all damaged items, have a repair team access the damages and/or reorder when necessary.

• Shipping, receiving, and white glove delivery are always billed at cost.

Step 10: Furniture installation and styling

• On a scheduled day, our white-glove delivery team will deliver your furniture, and our installation team will install all artwork, mirrors, and window coverings.

• IQ Design will be present to supervise all deliveries and installations, and we will style all rooms with any purchased accessories, lamps, etc.

• Although the largest items of furniture are approved for purchase during Step 5, accessories such as decorative objects, books, vases, throws, pillows, some artwork and carpets are handled as part of the styling package. We ask up front that you save an additional 30% of the budget for styling. Styling is extremely important to a polished look and including it in this step saves you time and money. At the reveal we will pride prices for these items and you will have the option to purchase.

• We insist that clients are not on site for the installation and styling process as we save some elements of surprise for the reveal.


Step 11: Client BIG Reveal

• You may be moved to tears of JOY at the unveiling of your new magazine worthy space!

• We'll walk you through all new products to discuss care and warranty information.

• We'll also take some initial "after" photos of the space.

Step 12: Deficiencies walk through/ Punch List

• Unresolved or previously unnoticed deficiencies will be addressed during the walk thru.

• A punch list will be created if needed to correct any deficiencies.

Step 13: Resolving deficiencies

• Deficiencies will be reviewed with the appropriate team and scheduled to be corrected.

Step 14: Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices

• It is our philosophy that Great design is achievable for all. That said we love referrals so we can continue to create inspired spaces!

• We are always on the look out for ways we can improve our services. We will meet to review, discuss and verify your complete satisfaction with the project.

• We would also greatly appreciate a testimonial of your design experience.

• In the event there are outstanding styling purchases, moving costs and installation invoices they will be presented at this metting.

Step 15: Professional Photography

• We'll often request for a professional photographer to come and photograph the space for inclusion in our design portfolio.

• We will be present during the photography session.

• The photography session is complimentary and will be scheduled based on your convenience.

• Copies of the photographs will be available to you, at the photographer's standard fee.

• In the event we bring in additional items or accessories these items are available for purchase.